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Hlweka (meaning spotless/clean in SePedi) manufactures environmentally safe cleaning products at preferable price yet of high quality.


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Hlweka cleaning chemicals prides itself on employing chemical methods coupled with experience in the production field to find ways of making quality products cheaper. We plan on creating 200-250 jobs within the next 3 years, which will also include internship programs and good career opportunities for graduates and general worker. We require funding to assist us in getting a place from where we can operate and buy enough raw material to produce large quantities of the products.


Hlweka has a vision to become the leadingparticipant in our industry and to be known for great quality products at the best price.


Hlweka’s mission is to introduce environmentally safe and innovative chemical products to it’s target customer base.To contribute largelely to society by providing high quality products and services to customers


  • Ethical Values
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Accountability
  • Honesty

Our Products

At Hlweka Cleaning Chemicals, we offer a wide variety of cleaning products to wholesalers and contract cleaners. We specialise in producing eco-friendly, food-safe cleaning products for all business types, and we offer cleaning chemicals as well as contract manufacturing.
We have always committed ourselves to manufacturing high-quality cleaning solutions that support the sustainability of the environment. Join us on our journey of finding new ways to do things better.

Household Cleaning Products

We manufacture a wide range of household and industrial chemicals. Quality is important to us and we strive to achieve good quality products at affordable prices.

Office and Industrial Cleaning Products

Hlweka is an independant cleaning chemicals manufacturer and cleaning equipment supplier. We service the industrial & residential markets.

Automotive Cleaning Products

Effective cleaning products that’ll keep your car looking pristine. Automotive cleaning products to detail, polish, condition and wash your vehicle from top to bottom. 

Personal Care Products

As a specialist in ingredients and concepts for effective skin, hair and body care products, Hlweka combines scientific excellence with passion.

Hair Products

f there’s anything we can say about our haircare products for the Best of Beauty, We have a hair product to suite you.

  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Availability 95% 95%

Happy Customers

I’ve been using this cleaner products for over a year now, I love all the Hlweka cleaning products. It’s easy to find (South Africa), well-priced and comes in a nice scent. Products meets all my requirements and more. The sent is mild and fresh, it’s pretty neutral and dissipates quickly always leaving a freshness in the air.

I LOVE this stuff. It makes cleaning so easy. Seriously.. I’ve broken so many nails trying to scrape dried pancake batter off my stove. I sprayed this and two min later, it wiped off like it was still liquid. I used it in my microwave which had months of exploded pizza rolls on it.. didn’t matter… I’ve yet to find a better product.

I’m gonna remember that I can dilute this cus ..omg
.it just clearly cleans like crazy..I literally smoked like a chimney and had an oscillating fan that Was white…it looked brown..til I took it apart and sprayed this on melted the dirt and nicotine off like melting looks new..

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